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Over the last few years the demand for application programmers has declined. Out-sourcing to lower cost countries is certainly one reason.

The number of web pages on the Internet is increasing at 30% per year. The the use of high speed connections is growing rapidly and the number of connected computers is also expanding. The Internet is really the fast information highway.

The Internet is being used for E-Commerce and content rich sites capable of drawing a large number of viewers are rolling in the money from advertisers. There is money to be made by working from home.

The cost of entry is dropping. High-speed connection are dropping in constant dollar terms. Hosts have dropped their prices and are providing better tools. 5 years ago I was paying $20 a month, now for I pay $3 and have better tools to look at my logs, set up sub-domains and handle the other esoteric tasks performed by web masters.

MySQL which used to cost extra is now included for free. Bandwidths limits are 10 times what I was allowed 5 years ago and my available disk space is bigger than the all the hard drive space I had on my personal computers two years ago.

Currently I look after the following sites

My Vanity Sites

  • Leonard Jones is my vanity site which discusses Search Engine Optimization

The JR-Miller Group of Sites

  1. www.jr-miller.com Main site
  2. directory.jr-miller.com Directory link to all 2.000 odd text pages
  3. come-ye-apart.jr-miller.com Complete - all 366 days posted
  4. every-day-of-life.jr-miller.com complete 22 chapters posted
  5. in-green-pastures.jr-miller.com Complete
  6. morning-thoughts.jr-miller.com Complete
  7. week-day-religion.jr-miller.com Complete
  8. things-to-live-for.jr-miller.com Complete


The Ultimate Guide to Windsor Restaurants

  1. www.Windsor-Restaurants.com Index to restaurants in Windsor, Ontario

The Ultimate Guide to Ontario Restaurants

  1. www.Ontario-Restaurants.com Index to restaurants in Windsor, Ontario

Jobs Open in Canada

The site is continually being updated.


Free Sites

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