Trent University

Trent U is in Peterborough 87 miles East-Nor-East of Toronto. It describes itself as Canada’s outstanding small university. It certainly found it to be an excellent undergraduate University. The scenery is incredibly beautiful especially in summer when the campus is practically deserted. In winter it is rather bleak and far too exposed to the elements.

Trent has about 3,000 full time students, 2,000 girls and 1,000 boys. As a mature student I felt slightly isolated from both students and staff. Which left me plenty of time to study, which I did. I was really interested in acquiring knowledge. I wasn’t interested in marks (honest), but I ended up on the Dean’s list.

My original target was a joint major in math and computers and quick. I was planing on doing a three-year degree in two years by doing summer courses. However, I soon realized that a three-year degree merely proves that you could read and write, and only a four-year honours degree has any merit. I hit a road block the first summer when I couldn’t take the math courses that I wanted and ended up doing a linguistic course with Prof. Todd. I got 91% in that course. Probably because I spent the entire 12 weeks of summer doing that one course. However, I was hooked on linguistics. I thought I could easily write a computer program so we could talk to computers: dreams, dreams, dreams.

It’s strange how small thing change your life so dramatically. The following semester I switched from math to anthropology. Interestingly my marks improved.

After I got my B.Sc. I went for a masters in modeling. I completed the course work but never finished my thesis. The subject was the mathematical structure of natural language. While I was happy with the theory, how you applied it completely defeated me.