Salford College of Advanced Technology

Salford Tec was the equivalent of the LCoB, but in Salford instead of Liverpool. I was aiming at membership in the Institute of Building and was taking courses one day a week. As I was living in Macclesfield at the time this meant driving 20 odd miles to and from school. Salford is next to Manchester so I usually stayed in town and socialized in the evening.

My employer was generous in allowing day release to its junior staff. Mind you the salaries reflected this shortened work week. I had some misgivings about the qualification I was working toward, it was rather new and few had heard of it. So after changing companies, getting a 92% increase in salary, and moving to London, my formal education was suspended for a few years.

At this time in my life I was more interested in my career and girls than in education.

Salford became the Royal Technical College in 1966 and the University of Salford in 96.