Pool Attendant

In North America this is a life guard. I am a good swimmer so this was a natural for me. It didn't pay as well as carrying a hod, but it was less strenuous and I could go for a swim before or after work. I did this for two summers.

My employer was the City of Liverpool Baths Department. Back in the 19th century, Liverpool was one of the first cities to provide public washhouses for laundry and bathing. Hence the name Baths Department. We; pool attendants had very glamorous uniforms, a one-size-fits-all white boiler suit and Wellingtons (rubber boots).

I once had the dubious pleasure of pulling a half drowned swimmer from the pool. He wasn't moving or breathing, his eyes were glazed and his tongue protruded and was swollen and blue. I blew into his mouth a couple of times (the proverbial kiss of life) This revived him because he rolled over and brought up his undigested lunch. He then swore at me. I guess he was as nauseated at being kissed as I was at kissing him.<