Planning engineer

After leaving the College of Building I was employed by Holland and Hannen & Cubitts, one of the country's largest construction companies. My job was to order and schedule delivery of materials to the site. I enjoyed the job, my new companions, and living away from home. I especially enjoyed having money. Life was good. I was fortunate in that I had joined a good company and was working under a very good boss, John Pinington. In my inexperience I didn't realize how good he was and how lucky I was.

After 18 months, ambition lead me to find a better paying job with a company called Trollope and Colls, another very large construction company. This resulted in a 92% increase in salary. Unfortunately my boss was a twit; a Civil Engineer, who had difficulty reading drawings. His wife was the daughter of one of the company's directors. Within months the job was in serious trouble and way behind schedule. As I was responsible for preparing the schedule, I wasn't too happy.

I moved to a large regional company in Middlewitch called Pochins. This was my first contact with a privately owned company. Cedric Poachin; the founder had built the company from the ground up in 25 years. In my naivete, thought I could do better.