London, England

I arrived in London on Monday, January 4th, 1965, the boy from the provinces had come up to the capital. I lived in the Tavistock hotel close to the center of London for three months and the company paid the bill.

I worked for Trollope and Colls Ltd a large construction company. Originally I was supposed to be in London for only a few weeks, but things were constantly being delayed. I didn’t like this being in limbo. I couldn’t put roots down as I was expecting to move. Other problems were my social activities were limited. I built few friendships in the office as most of the people lived in the suburbs which was along way away. It was also expensive living down town London.

While marooned in London I did take the chance to look up some relatives, a girl I used to know in Liverpool, and a bloke I had met in Manchester.

I couple of Sundays I went and played with a seal in the London zoo. The seal was lonely in winter as there were few visitors. It would turn on its back and let you tickle its tummy. It also had a sense of humor and would to splash you and then look at you with moist, glistening eyes.