The Liverpool College of Building

The college was a relative modern development, it provided part time education for apprentice tradesmen and full time instruction for those aspiring to staff or managerial positions.

From the age of 17 until I was 21, this was my college of choice.

Building construction appealed to me. It was creative and the results were tangible. The program I was enrolled in led first to the Lower thence to the Higher National Diploma in Building (Admin.). I passed everything easily but I was lazy and didn't work too hard.

At the time I was fascinated by cars and had been through a selection including two 1932 F type MG magnas. The magna had a 1132cc four cylinder engine, with an overhead camshaft was driven by a shaft which went through a vertical generator at the front of the engine. It also had friction shock absorbers. The manual spark retard and advance had been replaced by the time I got them.

My recreation activities included rock climbing, keeping the cars going, drinking beer, the Saturday night dance, and girls.