A Life Well Misspent

A Pithy Overview

I’m getting old. I was born on Saturday, July, 18th 1942 making me 69 years old.

I was born in Liverpool, England and yes I did know the Beatles. I went to school with Paul McCartney and George Harrison. I was the same year as McCartney and a year ahead of Harrison. We knew each other but we weren’t close friends.

There were other boys at the Institute who later gained notoriety. Les Chadwick of Gerry and The Pacemakers, McCartney’s younger brother Mike who was a member of the Scaffold, Colin Manley and Donney Andrew of The Remo Four, Peter Sissons who was born the day before me became a senior news anchor at the BBC.

I have been there and done that. Have a glance at the menu on the left to see what I mean.

I have been married once. It was a disaster, so we won’t talk about that.

I was 49 when I started University at Trent.

Most of this stuff is already written down and just needs expanding, updating, and polishing. This should be pretty quick. An average of one page a day or 30 pages by the end of October seems achievable.