Hod Carrier

A hod is vee shaped trough carried over the shoulder for transporting loads of bricks or mortar. Hence he who carries a hod is called a hod carrier.

This was my first paying job. It lasted for my first summer at the college of building. I worked as a labourer for a small construction company, G.H. Jones. I had just turned 18 so I got the full rate for the job. It was my duty to keep the bricklayer supplied with bricks and mortar, erect scaffolds, dig trenches and demolish old walls. It was heavy work and I was glad when I could get back to school. I liked the money though.

Hits not Hods

The words above the rule are the original words that I typed in mid 1999. In those days. If I went to Google and searched for Hod Carrier I would get 9 results. With such a poor selection to chose from this page, despite its paucity of information, was an important resource. I’ve had an email from a lawyer in California explaining that the boss of his company had carried the hod during his student days and asking for comments. I wasn’t much help. Hod carrying is like any other heavy labouring job.

Since then the Web has expanded dramatically. The same search today (Nov 2004) returns 8,100 or 21,000 results, depending whether or not you surround hod carrier with quotes. 7,930. If you hyphenate and try hod-carrier there are 7,040 results.. Using the underbar makes a dramatic difference. There are only 31 results for hod_carrier, and I am not one of them. We discuss this later.

For reasons that I don’t quiet understand, this page was always in the first twenty of the search results despite the huge number of pages returned by a present-day search. Placement in the results depends on page rank. The page rank is for this page is 1. It’s at the bottom of the heap. The word hod appears 4 times, carrier twice, and carries once. There are no meta tags or other devices to promote the page. There are only 3 internal links to it from this site and no external links at all. Google doesn’t even acknowledge the internal links. It is totally illogical that a search for hod carrier should return this page so high in the rankings.

Just for the fun of it. I intend to double the number of internal links, add half a dozen external links, rename the page from job_hod.html to job-hod-carrier.html, increase the frequency of the terms carry, carried, carrier, and hod. I will also add carriers, hods, and hod_carrier, then wait to see what happens. The current search for hod carrier or hod-carrier puts this page in 15th place.

2006 February there are now 28,000 web pages containing hod carrier. and this page isn’t even ranked by Google. but it cached and indexed, so know it hasn’t been penalized.

Hod-Carrier not Hod_Carrier

Google treats words separated by the under-bar as one word. Thus if you search for hod_carrier, instead of hod-carrier, you will get 31 results only, and as I said above, I’m not one of them. The second exercise will be to change this result.