Durham College

Durham is in Oshawa 20 miles East of Toronto. It offers trade and professional courses plus it hosts some courses from Trent University.

I was working as a union carpenter and had the winter off. Getting bored, I took an assembly language programming course. By this time I had a fair knowledge of programming as a hobbyist and waltzed through this one.

Most hobbyists and amateurs simply don't have the skills of a professional. But a good amateur will do a far better job work than a professional. The professional is always concerned with the minimizing the time spent on each job. Besides, you should never forget that an amateur built the Ark and professionals built the Titanic.

I had no intention of attending university after my experiences with Athabasca. However there were some brochures for Trent lying around and I read one and was hooked on the idea of a degree in computers.