Builder and Contractor

It is possible to get into contracting with very little money. It's a struggle but it can be done. I bought a couple of terraced (row) houses in Salford to use as both living quarters and a workshop. Initially I did repairs and renovations, which is the easiest sort of building business to start. The disadvantage is that it is a messy business and highly seasonal.

I moved eventually into making window frames and porches which was cleaner and more profitable. I reinvested nearly all I earned and had very little spare money till I sold the business. If there was little disposable money at least there was the immediate compensation being involved in a highly satisfying activity. Especial if the work is of high quality and enduring.

A building contractor has to understand all the technical aspects of all the construction trades. This is more complex than specializing in just one trade such as plumbing. Running a small business is also difficult. It needs many skills which are not commonly available at the tradesman's level. Running a small business single handed is nearly impossible, but being young and foolish . . .;