Athabasca University

This is a distance learning establishment. Originally it was headquartered in Edmonton, then they moved their headquarters up north to Athabasca. A totally illogical move.

The decision to take courses was part of my review of options. The economy in Edmonton had collapsed and construction was at a halt also I was disillusioned by the seasonal nature of the industry. You worked long hours in the summer and hung about during the winter. This should have been reversed in my view. In addition I was getting old and was looking for a more sedentary work style.

Athabasca offered introductory computer courses and a degree in accounting. Accounting means money and I had always liked money so I took some courses part time and eventually full time.

Athabasca was rather new and so were the courses. To my mind some of the courses were too easy and some impossible. I finished one half course in two weeks. I had it completed before the official start date. On the other hand, one introductory accounting course was likely to take three months full time, so I dropped that one.

Full time remote education didn't work for me. There is poor feed back, limited support. Moreover, I had realized that accounting was not for me. The other problem was that occasionally jobs came around and I dropped my studies to earn money. I wasn't used to being poor.

I found myself surprisingly good at programming. It came naturally. There was a local price war in Edmonton so I bought a computer and started playing with Basic and then Pascal. It was better than sex. I made an attempt to move into programming, but I found that nobody would look at you without a degree.