Java Overview

I‘m a newcomer to Java. My most previous development language was Delphi and there were good reasons for this.

Delphi is variant of Pascal and Pascal uses a single pass compiler which supports reliable background compiling. When you press the compile and run button, the compile time is measured in microseconds. I know of no other language that has a faster compile-debug-recode cycle. However faster computers make Java‘s relativly slow compile times tolerable.

A few years ago Delphi and its sister language C-Builder had the best IDE in the world. However things have changed. Borland suffered financial woes and development stalled. Embarcadero, who bought Delphi from the failing Borland, lacks resources compared to that deployed by the Java community.

I have been checking Java out bi-occasionally and found no reason to switch. But, this year I was simply amazed at the power of the new IDEs, and the are two very good ones. Switching was a no brainer.

I have no intention of writing yet another tutorial or comprehensive reference manual. There will be discussions of the lack of an 80 bit extended float variable and its ramifications. The lack of unsigned integers and the peculiar bit manipulations this requires will be discussed, if only to get them clear in my head.