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A Windsor WebMaster Wonders About
Life, HTML, and Everything

A noticeable facet of the Internet in recent years is the explosion of blogs. Going with the flow, this website will have a personal flavour. Some may say that flavour should be spelt as flavor, but being British by birth and Canadaian be choice, I don’t intend to apologise for spellings that may seem strange to Americans.

Rodin’s thinker

Three Ws as a favicon The attraction of the phrase 'A Windsor Webmaster Wonders is that it is alliterative, in the same way that World Wide Web is also alliterative. The three Ws can be arranged in numerous ways to make a suitable favicon. One of the definitions of wonder is to have a wish or desire to know something. Thinking is involved in learning and Auguste Rodin’s statue of the thinker is an immediately recognizable icon of intellectual activity. Had Rodin lived to the present age, possibly the thinker would be seated at a computer

Please try the Test button to the left.

On a slow machine the movement of the button is more visible and it is possible to see the button bounce off the edges of the box. With luck and practice it is possible to trick the button into positioning itself under the mouse. Then the mouse is no longer in the thinker’s image, but in the button’s image, so the button stops moving.